That 'Hong Kong tear gas rebound video' is actually from Venezuela

Protest video went viral on Facebook during the 'Umbrella Revolution'

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A video purportedly showing a protester in Hong Kong expertly rebounding a tear gas canister has clocked up over 1 million views in 24 hours on Facebook, but it wasn't even taken on the same continent.

The Hong Kong police have resorted to using tear gas in a failed attempt to clear the thousands of protesters that have packed into the heart of the city, so the video doesn't massively skew the picture, but it's false nonetheless.

The video's title roughly translates to 'Hong Kong rebounded tear gas' and was posted on Facebook by Chen Bing.

It's since racked up 1,070,526 views and 30,000 Likes:

This YouTube video from March however shows the very same street, which is in the Chacao district of Caracas and shows student protesters exchanging projectiles with police.

Hong Kong students have been spotted doing their homework on the streets as they continue to occupy the city centre demanding democratic reform.

Thousands of people are living, eating and sleeping in the road despite a crackdown by police who are also using pepper spray in efforts to disperse crowds.

Students started the civil disobedience on Friday, with a sit-in aiming to reclaim Hong Kong’s Tamar site, which is also known as Civic Square.