"There were two in the bed": Pictures show Ikea shoppers in China falling asleep in store

Ikea shops in China openly welcome customers to fall asleep in store in a bid to get shoppers to stay longer

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A number of pictures have been released that show Ikea shoppers in Chinese making the most of the chain's open bed policy.

Unlike in Britain or America, Ikea stores in China openly welcome shoppers to use the facilities and catch up on their sleep on the sofas and beds provided.

Ikea stores in China even display signs welcoming customers to have a seat or a quick nap on their furniture.

According to reports, the decision to openly encourage Ikea shoppers to sleep within the store is part of a plan to get shoppers to stay longer in the store.

While trips to Ikea in the UK might last a few hours or, at most, half a day, some shoppers in China make their visit to Ikea a whole day affair, punctuating their shopping with small naps or lounging around on the store’s sofas.


The first Ikea opened in China in 1998 and since then the superstore that sells affordable home wares and furniture has become a big hit with Chinese consumers.

There are currently 13 stores across China, with four of the world’s largest Ikea stores all situated in various Chinese cities.