A guy went hiking with his girlfriend ... and made terrible puns the whole time

He asks if she wants him to 'branch out', tells her 'I could be your fern-tasy'

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It was a whole lot of pun. For one of them, at least.

While on a hiking trip in New Zealand, one man pursued his long-suffering girlfriend cracking nature-themed puns for the entire trip.

In the video he asks if she wants him to "branch out", tells her "I could be your fern-tasy", and, as the couple approaches a dam, quips "Damn, girl, you fine."

At one point he asks "Are you loving the atmosphere?"

There is a pause before his girlfriend, whose name appears to be Evie, asks: "Moss?"

He conceds it was a pun about moss.

The video is reminiscent of another popular online video in which a guy, forced to go to Ikea with his girlfriend, spends the time making puns based on the names of various items sold by the Swedish homeware chain.