Thousands of chicks swarm Chinese motorway after lorry crash - and villagers try to loot them

Apparently the fluffy baby birds were too hard to resist

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Tens of thousands of chicks have swarmed a Chinese motorway after a lorry tipped over - before locals began looting the baby birds.

The vehicle crashed on a highway in Shandong province in eastern China this week, according to Chinese news website ChinaFotoPress.

Fellow commuters in cars and bicycles stopped to help the driver load the baby chickens into boxes to go back onto the lorry, which crashed on the Rongcheng-Wuhai motorway on Tuesday morning.

But not everyone was quite so helpful, with several people from the nearby village stealing the baby chicks from the road, according to the People’s Daily Online.

It also said some of the drivers who got stuck behind the lorry when it crashed also took home some chicks and the police were unable to stop them.

The lorry driver said the chicks were worth a total of 50,000 yuan (£4,987). It remains unclear how the accident happened.