Turkish police use rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse protest against attack on Radiohead fans for 'listening to music during Ramadan'

Police were called to disperse the attackers, resulting in tear gas and rubber bullets being fired

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Turkish police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at a crowd protesting an attack on Radiohead fans for listening to music and drinking beer during Ramadan, it has been reported.

The attackers, who have not been identified and are said to have totalled several hundreds, were reportedly angry that people were consuming alcohol and listening to music during the holy month. They reportedly forcibly entered the Velvet Indieground music shop in Istanbul where a Radiohead listening party was being held, before beating people with pipes, Al Jazeera reports.

The protest was organised in response to the attacks. Those taking part shouted "Shoulder to shoulder against facism" while marching. Skirmishes broke out between police and protesters, after which multiple arrests were reportedly made.

In a statement, Radiohead condemned the attack and said their “hearts go out to those attacked”.

It said: “We hope that someday we will be able to look back on such acts of violent intolerance as things of the ancient past. For now, we can only offer fans in Istanbul our love and support.”

Local mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan also condemned the attack, saying in a statement: “The fact that this incident was associated with fasting and that lifestyle, the way this incident was serviced, is a planned assassination of social peace.”

”People who are trying to dynamite the contribution of Ramadan to social solidarity are going to fail, they will lose… those responsible for the attack will be brought to justice.”

According to local media reports three people are in custody in relation to the attack.