Typhoon Haiyan: Evacuation shelters, hospitals and ‘areas of calamity’ shown by Google on interactive relief map


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Google has created an interactive Typhoon Haiyan relief map showing rescue workers and the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos affected where they can find evacuation shelters, hospitals and medical centres.

The map, which can accessed above or found directly by clicking here, also details the parts of the country worst hit by the super-typhoon via its so-called “areas of calamity” function.

Updated roughly every 10 minutes, the tool employs a heat-map style design to chart the areas affected - as well as detailing rainfall levels and the ongoing risk of landslides and floods.

Typhoon Haiyan was one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, battering the central Philippines with sustained winds of nearly 200MPH.

Wind speeds at the point of landfall were 149MPH - 24mph stronger than those of Hurricane Katrina - forcing millions to flee their homes.

It is thought the Typhoon Haiyan death toll from has already passed 10,000.