Video: Emergency services in China save the life of man stuck in thick mud

Reports say that the man was taken to hospital but did not receive any serious injuries

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Dramatic footage has emerged that shows the moment a man was rescued after becoming stuck in heavy mud on a riverbank in central China.

The incident took place on the banks of the river Yangzte in the Hunan province on 2 January, and saw the man get stuck after he attempted to pick something up from the mud.

The incident, which was captured on film, shows the man trapped face down in the thick mud.

Worried onlookers called the emergency services that arrived with a winch to try and pull the submerged man out.

Lowering a cage down to the man, two rescue workers stood on planks to dig the man out before pulling him into a cage and winching him up to the solid ground above.

The unconscious man was then lifted out of the cage and treated by paramedics.

According to reports, the man was taken to hospital but avoided any serious injured.