Video: Watch phone battery explode and burst into flames while in woman's hand

The explosion occurred as the woman attempted to replace her existing battery with a faulty one

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CCTV footage from a bus in China has captured the moment when one woman saw her phone explode and burst into flames while it was in her hands.

The footage taken from a public bus in the Sichuan province in south west China, shows one of the passengers attempting to replace her mobile phone battery before we see a flash of light and her carrying away a handset which appears to be on fire.

After the phone explodes, bemused passengers are seen rushing to the bus’ exits unaware of where the small explosion has come from.

The owner of the phone then follows, still holding the flaming handset.

According to reports, there were no injuries, but Sichuan authorities were keen to remind the public that they should not buy cheap untested phone batteries when looking to replace their existing ones.

Video: Watch phone explode in woman's hand

The problem of faulty phones and batteries is not a new one in China.

Over the last few years, there have been a number of stories of phones exploding randomly in people’s pockets, or while they were holding them.

In 2007, Lanzhou Morning Post reported that a 22-year-old man had been killed when an exploding phone in his breast pocket had caused one of his ribs to pierce heart leading to his death.

This was followed up in 2009, one man was killed in the Guangzhou province when a faulty battery exploded and severed a major artery in his neck while he was talking on his handset.