Watch a man get hit by three cars - and survive

Video: The pedestrian in China was hit by three cars in fairly quick succession

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Once, twice, three times a car crash survivor.

Video from China shows the astonishing moment a man crosses a road and is hit by three cars yet manages to survive the ordeal.

Filmed in Kunshan city in  Jiangsu province, the footage shows the man crossing a major road and standing in the middle as he waits for traffic to pass. However, he is clipped by a van from behind and sent toppling onto the ground, falling on his back.

Just ten seconds later, as he lies on the floor, another car zooms past and hits the man's side and he rolls further along the road.

Some locals eventually arrive to help, but while they were figuring out how to help the man - who is called Li - another car approached the man and only stopped at the very last second, narrowly missing the fallen pedestrian.

The sudden braking of this car caused the car behind to bump into the back of the vehicle, which then meant the car at the front hit Li once more.

Li suffered several fractures in his left leg and six ribs - he is recovering in hospital.