Watch sewer explosion in China throw child 10 metres into the air

It is the thought that a build-up of gases caused the blast

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This is the terrifying moment a boy in China was sent flying through the air after a sewer exploded.

CCTV footage shows the nine-year-old crouching down and attempting to light a fire cracker on top of a manhole cover in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Unfortunately, he inadvertently ignited biogases in the sewer and set off the powerful blast. It is the thought that the huge build-up of gases over a period of time was responsible for such the powerful explosion.

During the explosion, the child was thrown more than 10ft into the air before he smashed into the back of a nearby car, shattering the rear windscreen of the vehicle.

One eye witness at the scene said, “I thought I head a flat tyre but there was smoke and it looked like something was thrown into the air. It turned out to be a boy.”

The child was taken to hospital after sustaining a severe head injury and broken bones in the accident, which happened last Thursday (8 January). Doctors have said that he is now in a stable condition.