Watch: Sinkhole opens in South Korea swallowing two people whole

Terrifying natural phenomenon was reportedly captured on surveillance tape in South Korea

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A South Korean couple's terrifying ordeal was captured on camera after a sinkhole opened directly underneath their feet - and swallowed them whole.

The unidentified individuals, who are believed to be recovering in a nearby hospital after their ordeal, can seen on a street in a South Korean city on a CCTV camera recording. Footage appears to capture the moment, over in seconds, when the man and woman step from their bus and disappear into the newly-created hole, leaving fellow passengers gasping in horror.

The pair were later pulled from the hole, which luckily was only 10ft deep, and reportedly escaped with only minor injuries. The prevalence of surveillance and phone cameras has seen more and more instances of sinkholes opening captured on film.

The terrifying natural phenomenon is believed to be caused by land erosion. Sinkholes are common in areas where the rock beneath the surface is sandstone, quartzite or limestone. Carbonate rock types are prone to weakening from the circulation of ground water, causing them to dissolve and unexpectedly collapse - resulting in sinkholes.