Woman killed by mob in Afghanistan after 'burning copy of Koran'

The victim is reported to have had a history of mental health problems

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A woman has been killed by a mob in the Afghan capital of Kabul amid rumours that she burnt a copy of the Koran.

The woman was beaten to death, then had her body set on fire and thrown into a muddy river in the city centre, according to the Reuters news agency.

It could not be independently verified whether the alleged book burning which triggered the violence actually took place.

Afghanistan's Tolo news agency quoted the victim’s parents as saying that she suffered from mental health problems and had not intentionally burnt the book.

Fire-fighters later came, put out the fire, and took her body, BBC News reports.


The country’s interior ministry said on Twitter that four people had been arrested in connection with the murder.

The attack took place near the Shah-e-Do Shamshera Mosque of Kabul.

The Koran is the sacred book of Islam and is traditionally treated with physical respect.

A 2013 UN report on violence against women in Afghanistan found that most attacks in the country, particularly in rural areas, go underreported.

Recent months have seen demonstrations in Afghan urban areas by both men and women against sexual harassment in the country.