Woolly mammoth found in Siberia to be displayed in Tokyo


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A woolly mammoth found in Siberia last year will be going on display at an exhibition in Japan.

The 39,000-year-old female woolly mammoth named Yuka was found encased in ice by scientists back in March last year. The creature had become trapped in the ice on an island near Siberia which preserved her body.

Yuka was found with permafrost on her shoulders but her upper torso and legs were found in soil. It is thought that Yuka is the best preserved specimen of a woolly mammoth to have been found.

A blood sample was extracted from her and could potentially be used to clone Yuka and resurrect woolly mammoths. Scientists were also able to take a muscle samples from Yuka. From analysis on Yuka's tusk and teeth, she was estimated to be about two-and-a-half years old when she died. 

The baby mammoth will be on display for three months in Yokohama from the 13 July until September 16.