Zumba class breaks world record as over 12,000 people dance in streets of Manila

Zumba has become a worldwide phenomenon in the past two decades

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Tens of thousands of people have come together in the Philippines to break the world record for the largest ever Zumba class.

Main roads in the city of Mandaluyong were closed off the occasion, allowing some 12,975 Zumba-lovers dressed in bright yellow t-shirts to shimmy and stomp their way into the record books.

A woman takes part in the record-breaking Zumba class (Image: Aaron Favila/AFP)

Zumba instructors direct thousands of dancers (Image: Reuters)

The attempt smashed the previous world record set in the Filipino city of Cebu, some 843km away from Mandaluyong, said a Guinness World Records official.

That effort, set in 2014, involved an impressive 8,232 health enthusiasts.

With its easy-to-follow moves and catchy backing music borrowing influences from Latin, salsa, African music, Bollywood and pop, Zumba has become an instantly recognisable global brand since the first classes were held in the mid-1990s.

Now, over 15 million people across 180 countries take part in Zumba classes, according to the organisation’s website.