Australian cattle farm on the market for $325 million – but how much would 11 million hectares cost in London prices?

Despite being 11m hectares there are only 150 people living on the land

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Yesterday, a property nearly as large as England was put up for sale by the family of Sir Sidney Kidman for a whopping AUD$325 million.

The area of land encompasses 11 million hectares, or just over 101,000 sq km and only 150 people live on the land.

The news came on the same day as Kensington and Chelsea was named the most expensive place to buy property in Britain at £11,625 for just one square metre of property.

In British terms, AUD$325m is the equivalent of £159m, which according to valuations by London estate agents Aston Chase, would buy their 12 most expensive properties with more than £900,000 to spare. The most expensive would cost an eye-watering £32m while the cheapest was listed at £8m.

In New York however, the Manhattan skyline is much more sought after. The penthouse at the Pierre Hotel on the Upper West Side was put on the market in 2013 for US$125m. Perhaps due to a lack of demand, the property was relisted for US$63m at the beginning of this year.

If 11 million hectares just so happened to be available in Kensington and Chelsea, where one square metre now costs almost £12,000, you would need to shell out just shy of  £1.3 quadrillion.