Bad news for Samoa's prop forwards: airline introduces 'pay-as-you-weigh' pricing


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The pre-holiday diet just got even more important for those planning on travelling on Samoa Air, which has announced that its passengers will “pay only for what you weigh”.

Customers would be charged not only for what they weigh, but also their luggage. The airline’s chief executive, Chris Langton, said that not only were people heavier than before, but also the variation in people’s weight was, er, large. “Anyone who travels at times has felt they have been paying for half of the passenger next to them,” he said.

“Airlines don’t run on seats, they run on weight and particularly the smaller the aircraft you are in the less variance you can accept in terms of the difference in weight between passengers.”

The plans will be welcomed by those who argue that fat people should pay more for clothing (they use more fabric) and more tax (they cost more money in health terms). But it comes the same week as another announcement that’s likely to upset heavier flyers (and aspirant members of the Mile High Club) –  US airline Delta’s desire to install smaller lavatories in its new planes.

Pity larger travellers (like ex-rugby player Inga Tuigamala and former boxer David Tua), if these innovations catch on. Not only will they have to pay more to get on the plane, but when they do get on, they may not even fit in the loo.