Crocodile 'half the length of a bus' caught in Australia's Northern Territory - video

It was the 128th saltwater crocodile to be caught in the Darwin harbour area in the last year

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A giant saltwater crocodile measuring 'half the length of a bus' has been captured by trap in Australia’s Northern territory.

The massive beast who measured in at 13ft was found by locals after it got caught in a specially designed “croc trap” at Imaluk Creek west of the city of Darwin on Monday.

The Northern Territory's Parks and Wildlife Commission were quickly alerted and sent a team out to the creek so that it could be transported to the nearby Darwin Crocodile Farm.

Watch the massive crocodile being in the video caught below

However, they were in for a shock when they discovered just how big the animal was.

After blindfolding the crocodile and taping its mouth shut, the team enlisted the help of locals to hoist the crocodile onto the back of a truck to be driven away.

According to locals, the crocodile had been spotted moving up and down the creek in the week preceding its capture.

It is the 128th saltwater crocodile to have been caught in the Darwin Harbour area this year.

Speaking after the catch, Parks and Wildlife Commission NT spokesman Edwin Edlund said: “With the help of a few locals, the croc team managed to get the croc onto the back of its ute and took it to the Darwin Crocodile Farm."

He said due to the size of the crocodile, it was most likely to become a breeder for the park.

Saltwater crocodiles are the world’s largest reptiles, with the largest one ever caught measuring a mammoth 21ft long.

They are unique in the crocodile species in that they can survive in water with a high concentration of salt in it.

Saltwater crocodiles are also known as being one of the most widespread reptiles, and have been found in Australia, many parts of Asia and even as far west as the east coast of Africa.