Doctor stabbed numerous times by Tinder stalker 'extremely calm' talking neighbours through first aid

Her attacker was later shot dead by police 

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A young doctor who was stabbed numerous times by her Tinder stalker was “extremely calm” as she talked neighbours through giving her first aid. 

Angela Jay, 28, was followed and attacked by a former boyfriend, Paul Lambert, 36, after ending her relationship with him, but he continued to bombard her with calls and messages.  

Lambert was later shot dead after allegedly lunging at police with a knife following a 90 mile chase. 

The banker travelled from his home in Sydney to Port Macquarie and apparently stalked Dr Jay for several days, according to police sources cited by the Sydney Morning Herald

He lay in wait in her house before ambushing her after she returned from work, pouring petrol on her and stabbing her multiple times. 

Dr Jay managed to escape to a neighbour’s house to seek help. 

“She was extremely calm the whole time - we all kept each other calm,” one of the neighbours told the Mail Online.

“When she started dozing off I just kept her talking. Asking her mundane questions.”

The neighbour followed first aid instructions in a bid to help stem the bleeding. 

It is unclear whether the doctor’s life was saved by her neighbours, but she survived the attack and has reportedly been released from hospital. 

Lambert's vehicle was stopped in the town of Bonville after its tires were punctured by police officers.

He reportedly attacked officers with a knife and was shot after a Taser failed to work. 

"These are some of the jobs that we dread," Northern Region Command Assistant Commissioner Jeff Loy said.

"The police officers come to work each day to actually help the public and save people. However, it's a sad fact that we've got a very dangerous and difficult and challenging job at times, and that is why we train our police in self-defence tactics and the deployment of weapons so that they can keep safe and keep the community safe."