'Kangaroo Tries to Drown Dog' video sparks anger in Australia

YouTube commenters slam dog-owner for not intervening in tense swamp stand-off

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A video with the ominous title “Kangaroo Tries to Drown Dog” has sparked controversy in Australia.

The owner of the pet, who uploaded a pair of clips to YouTube, said Great Dane Max bolted into the wilderness and starting chasing a mob of kangaroos.

Anthony Gill said he got into his car and pursued  Max, only to find him circling one of the animals in a small pond.

Though Mr Gill said he and his four-year-old daughter repeatedly tried to drag Max away from the kangaroos, the videos have received scathing criticism from viewers online.

One comment called the dog-owner “an absolute idiot”, while user Juliane Cho said: “Put the camera down and control your animal. The kangaroo was just trying to defend itself.”