Lees changes her mind on the details of outback attack

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She had initially claimed that she was pushed by him from the front seat of his truck into the back. But on the second day of the trial, she said she could have been pushed"through the side of the cabin" to the rear compartment.

Questioned by Rex Wild QC, the director of public prosecutions, on how she got from the front of the man's vehicle to underneath the canopy at the rear, Ms Lees said: "What's caused me to doubt [how I got there] is that I wasn't taken. I didn't walk round the back of the vehicle. I perhaps presumed that because there was front-to-rear access in the kombi [van used by Ms Lees and Peter Falconio] that might have been how I got there [in the other vehicle].

"I remember landing on the rear of his vehicle on my stomach. It's possible now he pushed me through the side of the cabin."

Ms Lees was also shown images she helped an artist draw of the four-wheel-drive vehicle and of her attacker. Asked about an image of her attacker, she said: "I was never sure about the hair and the length of the hair. On the comfit [a computer-generated image] there wasn't much to choose from."