Making Christmas in the zoo bearable: Video shows animals opening presents at Sydney zoo

Video shows animals getting Christmas presents: but there's not a Furby or iPad in sight...

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While the rest of us nurse hangovers from career-ending Christmas parties, and begin to plan our assaults on nightmarishly busy supermarkets and shops, the animals of Sydney's Taronga zoo are already enjoying their presents.

Meerkats, bears and tortoises have opened their Christmas presents early at the zoo, the animals were given wrapped up-gifts and can be seen getting into the festive spirit in a new video.

The gifts did, however, have more than one purpose, as they provided "choices and activities" for the creatures.

The zoo's behavioural biologist Dr Vicky Melfi said: "This is about giving the animals choices and activities that are interesting. We already provide great accommodation and care for the animals at Taronga, so environmental enrichment is the cherry on top.

"It's that thing you do that really gives them a more luxurious life," she continued. "What's more, we change the types of enrichment we give to provide variety and meet the needs of individuals."

The presents included nuts and honey and watermelons. Not a Furby or iPad in sight then...