Man 'threatened with knife at Australian wildlife park over whose turn it was to pat Koalas'


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A pleasant day out to a wildlife park reportedly turned sour when a visitor was accused of assaulting a man and threatening him with a knife – apparently because it was his turn to pat the koalas.

Police confirmed on Tuesday that a 34-year-old man, from Para Hills, Adelaide, had been charged with aggravated assault and two counts of assault at the Adelaide Hills park on Saturday.

According to the Australian Associated Press, the argument broke out when visitors were waiting their turn to stroke the koalas, with the accused man allegedly becoming aggressive after complaining it was his turn to pat them.

Police said he then assaulted the victim, and allegedly brandished a knife as the attack escalated, with several other members of the public also set on by the suspect after attempting to defuse the situation.

"Two bystanders tried to intervene and were also assaulted, as was a staff member at the wildlife park," police said.

The man has been bailed and will appear in Mount Barker Magistrates Court on 5 March.