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New Zealand plane crashes twice in one day

The engine of a micro-light plane stopped mid-air near a popular beach

The pilot and co-pilot of a New Zealand light aircraft survived crash landing on a New Zealand beach - twice in one day.

A micro-light plane which had recently been fitted with a new engine stopped in mid-air before crash-landing along some rocks near a beach.

The pilots were both unhurt in the incident and managed to steer the plane to a nearby beach where they performed minor repairs on the aircraft.

After checking the aircraft, they attempted to take-off again in front of a crowded beach full of spectators.

But just seconds after it had taken off, the plane's engine failed again, plunging it straight into the waves - much to the horror of those watching on the beach. 

Yet even after a second crash, both pilots walked away unscathed - although they said their pride had been injured.

The plane however suffered a broken wing and lost a propeller blade.