Sheep rain down on drivers in bizarre Melbourne crash

400 livestock fall from bridge after truck overturns on Melbourne motorway

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Hundreds of sheep rained down on drivers in Melbourne after a truck transporting them crashed on a bridge spilling its animal cargo onto the motorway below.

The sheep fell onto the busy Princes Highway blocking the road for two hours after hitting two vehicles.

Terrified motorists ploughed into the animals and though none of the car passengers were hurt a number of the sheep were killed or injured.

The bizarre incident occurred on Thursday night at just before 9.00pm local time as the truck carrying 400 livestock overturned on a flyover in Melbourne.

The truck was on a slip-road when it flipped and crashed over onto its side, leaving it hanging precariously over the freeway.

There were "a large number of deceased and injured" sheep, said paramedic Allan Eade.

Robert Leardi, who was driving a car hit by the sheep, said he was lucky that he was not seriously hurt.

He was driving when "all of a sudden these sheep are falling down from the top of an overpass".