Streaker fined for royal flash at the Queen Down Under

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A streaker was fined AU$750 (£510) yesterday for mooning at the Queen and Prince Philip on a royal visit.

Barman Liam Lloyd Warriner, 22, clenched an Australian flag between his bare buttocks and ran for 50 metres alongside the royal motorcade as it drove past well-wishers in Queensland, Australia, last October. It is not clear whether the couple spotted him. Warriner, of Sydney, admitted a charge of creating a public nuisance. Prosecutors had asked for a AU$1,000 fine.

He told police it was a political protest to show his contempt for the monarch and elitist groups, Brisbane magistrates were told.

Warriner remained unrepentant after the hearing and said: "Any self-important, self-propagating elitist, I will happily bare my buttocks to."