Video: Farmer celebrates Australia Day by creating giant flag using only sheep

Farmer Hannah Marriott said that she wanted to show the public the amazing job farmers do in Australia

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An Australian farmer took her Australia Day celebrations to unprecedented levels on Monday when she created her own version of the Australian flag using only sheep.

Hannah Marriott, who owns a farm in Kalkallo, Victoria, managed to herd her flock of 1030 sheep into the design of the country’s famous red, blue and white flag by using a tractor to carefully place sheep-feed.

According to the Marriott, she had carefully planned the route beforehand and used barley and lupine to attract the sheep to their places. The 32-year-old also managed to arrange her sheep to spell out the word “OZ”, on the day that marks the anniversary of the arrival of the first British settlers on the southern hemisphere island in 1788.

Marriott said that organising the sheep into letters was easy, but it was getting the sheep to stay in one place for the flag’s stars that proved a lot more difficult.

Marriott told Channel 7 News: “The flag took a little bit of negotiating with the sheep but it didn't turn out too bad”

As well as the bizarre feat being an example of patriotism from Marriott, she said national pride was not the only reason for her efforts.

Marriott said that part of her rationale for creating the flag was to show to the public the important role farmers play in the country.

She said: “I like communicating what we do to the greater public because I'm proud of it and I think we do a good job.”