Video: Teenager arrested after dangerous 'trainsurfing' stunt in Sydney

The 15-year-old was arrested on Sunday after CCTV cameras caught him and a friend holding onto the back of a speeding train on Sydney's famous Harbour Bridge

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An Australian teenage thrill seeker has been arrested after being caught on camera “trainsurfing” a busy commuter train in Australia’s largest city Sydney.

The 15-year-old teenager now faces Children’s Court after a video emerged of him holding onto the back of a fast-moving train travelling from Wynyard station to Milsons Point in Sydney on 29 September.

The video, which was caught by CCTV cameras, shows the 15-year-old and a friend climbing onto a train at Wynyard station before later footage shows 15-year-old as he grips onto the safety door at the back of the train as it travels across Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge.

The two boys were then filmed leaving the train at Milsons Point before exiting the station.

A 15-year-old was arrested on Sunday and is now set to face Children’s Court on 15 December.

Authorities are currently trying to identify and track down the second teenager accompanying the 15-year-old. Speaking to Channel Nine news, Howard Collins said: “It’s just pure idiocy one small slip and you are going over that Harbour Bridge and you’re going to be dead.”

This is just the latest incident in the trainsurfing trend that has become extremely popular with young people in Australia over recent times.

The growth in popularity has also led to a number of fatal consequences.

In the past two years, there have been three deaths thought to have been caused as a result of trainsurfing.

Just last month, a 34-year-old man was killed when he fell from a moving train as it was leaving Altandi station in Brisbane.

“I think we should come down hard on these guys and say it is totally unacceptable.”

“I’ve been to see parents after their kids have been killed by doing acts like this in my career, you never want to do that.”