Watch: Baby kangaroos rescued from Australia bushfires treated for burns

It is hoped that the animals will eventually be released back into the wild

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Baby kangaroos rescued from devastating Australian bushfires are receiving medical treatment for burns at Adelaide Zoo.

The nine joeys arrived at the zoo last week after the fires swept through the area, wreaking havoc on wildlife and vegetation.

Most of the kangaroos are under six months old and were treated for blisters and burns which could become infected if left untreated.

Adelaide Zoo Veterinarian, Dr David McLelland, said, “The cases we’re dealing with require around the clock care treating sores and blisters, removing dead skin and cleaning and dressing burns to feet, tails, claws and ears to avoid infection.”

“We’re happy with their progress to date; the joeys have settled in well and are enjoying lots of treats like milk and vegetables on top of their normal diet of grass, while staff are enjoying lots of cuddles.”

The zoo is hoping to release the animals back into the wild after they have fully recovered.

Kangaroos are not the only animals to have been affected by the blazes, koalas, too, have also been left with injuries sustained in the fires.

Only last week the International Fund for Animal Welfare made an appeal to the public to knit mittens for koalas with burnt paws.

The charity was inundated with mittens and is now calling for people to create “pouches” for other wildlife like possums, kangaroos and wallabies, which could be affected by the fires.

Bushfires swept across Western Australia last week, leaving destruction in its wake. Fire fighters struggled to tackle an 18km-wide blaze north of Perth, which destroyed forests and farmland.