Australians put out their onions in early tribute to PM Tony Abbott

A big gesture from the citizens of Australia for the PM that once took a big ol' bite out of an onion

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With the security of his reign under threat, Tony Abbott is already being commiserated on Twitter by his citizens.

Using the tag #putoutyouronions on Twitter, people across the country are posting pictures of their front doors adorned with onions in commemoration of the PM.

The touching tributes come after the controversial politician took a giant bite out of an onion – skin and all – earlier this year while on a tour of Tasmania.

The movement is also a reference to last year when the country came together to put their cricket bats outside their houses after the death of cricketer Phillip Hughes. People also hung their wedding dresses outside their houses, posting with #putyourdressout after teacher Stephanie Scott died shortly before her wedding.

Basically, nothing brings together a country like a commemorative hashtag