Doctors 'clear Allen of sex abuse'

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NEW HAVEN - Medical experts have determined that Woody Allen did not sexually abuse one of the children he adopted with his estranged partner Mia Farrow, representatives for both sides said yesterday. The long-awaited report has been a key part of the couple's bitter custody battle.

Police have been investigating charges by Farrow that Allen sexually molested their adopted daughter Dylan, 7, at Farrow's summer home in Bridgewater, Connecticut. As part of the investigation, three experts from the Yale New Haven Medical Centre conducted an analysis.

The doctors would not comment on their findings, but after a three-hour meeting with the doctors Allen said he had been vindicated. He said the experts conducted hundreds of interviews and concluded the charges were 'either concocted or imagined'. He added: 'I would never, ever molest my children.'

A statement by Farrow's lawyer, while not directly confirming the details of the report, said it was 'incomplete and inaccurate', and went on: 'We do not believe that the child made this up, but even allowing for that possibility, the question why must be answered and for that Mr Allen will always be culpable.'

Saying that the medical experts had refused to meet with people 'whose information would have been vitally important', the statement read: 'Dylan has been consistent in her description of abuse and Ms Farrow will continue to support her.'

Allen and Farrow, who never married, were together for 12 years before splitting up in January 1992.