Activists ride whale carcass in anti-whaling protest in Iceland

Watch activists protest against the first fin whale to be killed this whaling season

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Icelandic whalers killed the first fin whale of the 2015 whaling season on Wednesday. But activists intervened when the whalers towed the dead mammal to the port of Hvalfjordur near Reykjavik.

The anti-whaling non-governmental organisation ‘Hard to Port’ lit smoke flares around the whale, before one protester climbed the carcass holding a banner reading ‘#whalerwatching’.

Hard to Port have issued a statement about Icelandic whaling. “In 2013, the Icelandic government reissued whaling quotas for 154 endangered fin whales and 229 minke whales annually. That’s despite a 1986 ban on whaling by the International Whaling Commission”.