Austrian travel firm offered hunting trips culminating in sex with prostitutes, animal rights group claims has taken down its website since the allegations emerged

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An Austrian travel firm which allegedly offered hunting trips culminating in sex with prostitutes has been forced to remove its website, according to reports. is said to have posted adverts for its so-called Romantic Weekend Hunting package, which offered hunting sessions ending in a “cosy night” with a “lovely companion”.

Details of the offer were exposed by the Austrian animal rights group Association Against Animal Factories (VGT), which strongly criticised the hunting trips.

Since VGT’s made its allegations public, the website appears to have been taken down. Nobody from the company was available to speak about the allegations.

A representative for VGT told The Independent that its prostitute claims had been reported correctly in the media adding that the activist group’s staff had taken screenshots of the offer before the website vanished.

Text purportedly from the website reads: “After an exciting day's hunting what could be better than a cosy night for two, or even three, in a remote mountain cabin. Everything is possible.”

“The hunter’s return will be welcomed back by a lovely companion, and of course absolute discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed.”

VGT boss Martin Balluch called for the trips to be banned, adding: “It is hunting with prostitutes. It seems that with money anything is possible.” He also demanded hunting be made illegal in general, according to MailOnline.

Hunting is a popular pastime in Austria where organised hunting tours compete with one another to outdo the competition. Wild pigs and deer are amongst the most common animals killed on the trips.