Austria's Dumbest Criminal is arrested after asking police to check whether he was a wanted man

Some say curiosity killed the cat, but in the case of a 59-year-old man in Austria, curiosity got him pinched

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In an episode that would not look out of place on 'Austria's Dumbest Criminals', a man has been arrested after walking into a police station to check whether he was wanted a wanted man.

The alleged fraudster, walked into a police station in Salzburg to see if the cops had anything on him.

Under the impression that nobody with an arrest warrant out on them would go to the police to find this out, the police went away to check for him.

After a short time looking into it, officers found that there was  an arrest warrant out on the 59-year-old from a Viennese court, and he was under suspicion on four counts of embezzlement and fraud.

The dimwitted criminal was quickly arrested and taken to a Salzburg prison, where he currently remains.