Berlusconi prostitute 'wants to make film about their tryst', she tells court

The 42-year-old escort told an Italian court that it was high time Berlusconi apologised to her for 'ruining her life'

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A former-prostitute who was in the middle of Silvio Berlusconi’s high-profile sex scandal said in court that she plans on making a film about their relationship.

Patrizia D’Addario gave evidence in a trial in Bari on Friday in which seven people are accused of procuring prostitutes for the former prime minister.  

D’Addario read out a six-page letter, the Telegraph reported, in which she said Berlusconi had ruined her life.

“I’m going to make a film about my experiences based on the truth of what happened,” she said. “You destroyed my life, now you should apologise and tell the truth of our relationship.”

At the centre of the case is, The Times reported, business man Gianpaolo Tarantini who is accused of pimping for Berlusconi in 2009 and 2009. He is thought to have sent 26 women to parties thrown by the politician.


Aiding and abetting prostitutes is illegal in Italy but paying them for services is not.

Ms D’Addario claimed that she was never paid for having sex with Berlusconi but that he knew she was a prostitute when he invited her to bed – something he denied.

“In contrast to those girls, who are real prostitutes, who have always been paid by Berlusconi and who have treated him like a cash machine, I have never taken money or asked favours,” D’Addario said in court.

D’Addario already released a book in 2009 called Prime Minister, Take Your Pleasure in which she detailed their two evenings together in 2008. When the book came out, Berlusconi said he did not remember her. 

Berlusconi appeared as a witness in the trial in southern Puglia but did not say anything apart from confirming his name and address.