Brussels bombings: New video shows devastating aftermath of airport attacks

The footage was taken by a taxi driver searching for his son - who worked at the airport

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A new video has emerged of the aftermath of Tuesday's terror attacks at Brussels Airport, showing the true scale of the horror, shock and devastation of those caught up in the bombings.

The footage, which was broadcast by CNN, was taken by a taxi driver who entered Belgium's Zaventem Airport to search for his son, who worked in a food outlet there.

The food outlet was deserted and his son had vanished - it was later reported that he had survived the attacks. But the amateur video shows the carnage from inside the airport's departure lounge as rescue workers try to find and tend to the wounded.

Warning: This video contains graphic footage that some viewers may find distressing

There is debris scattered all over the floor, making it hard for people to wade through to reach the victims. And in one particularly distressing shot, a young baby can be seen standing amid the rubble, crying - while its mother lies somewhere nearby, either dead or seriously injured. 

Cries can also be heard echoing through the empty terminal from those calling for help or crying out in pain. 

In another shot, an elderly woman stumbles through the wreckage as she joins other bystanders still trying to make their way out to safety.

And in one particularly poignant moment, a single red flower can be seen lying among the debris.

The taxi driver eventually finds his way outside of the building, where people lay on the street, being tended to by paramedics or passersby offering comfort. 

It is one of the clearest pieces of amateur footage yet that shows the suffering of those caught up in the attacks. Two blasts in the airport killed at least 11 people, while a further 20 were killed in an explosion at Brussels' Maelbeek Metro Station an hour later. 

More than 60 people are still in a critical condition following the blasts, medical officials have said

Isis, or Daesh, have claimed responsibility for the attacks, and two brothers - Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui - have been named as two of the suicide bombers. 

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A manhunt is currently under way to find a third suspect.