Brussels terror: CCTV image of suspects released by police following attacks on airport

Police are appealing for help in identifying the suspect in the white coat, who may have information about the attack on Brussels Airport

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Belgian police have released a CCTV image showing three suspects in the attacks at Brussels Airport, in Zaventem.

Two explosions in the airport's departure hall shortly before 8am local time (7am GMT) killed at least 11 and injured 81.

The picture, taken from a CCTV camera, shows three men pushing trollies with suitcases past the check-in area.

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Police issued a wanted notice for the suspect in the white coat, who is believed to have survived the attacks.

The two other suspects have dark hair and are thought to be wearing gloves on their left hands only and holding detonators. Belgian police have identified them as the suicide bombers who died in the Brussels Airport blasts. 

At least one of the bombs is believed to have been hidden inside a suitcase. 

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A third bomb at Brussels Airport was destroyed by security services, the provincial governor told reporters.

Shortly after the attacks on the airport, another explosion was reported at the Maalbeek (Maelbeek) station, where 20 people are thought to have been killed and 106 injured.