Bull gores matador through his throat, tongue and mouth

Audience scream as they realise Daniel García Navarre is in trouble

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A matador has suffered horrific injuries after being gored through his throat, face and tongue during his debut bull fight.

Daniel García Navarrete was pierced multiple times by a 1,000lb bull in Spain's infamous bullring, Las Ventas, in Madrid.

The attack was witnessed by a 10,000-strong audience who screamed when they realised the 23-year-old was in trouble.

Warning: graphic footage

Bullfighter gored through the throat during first bullfight

Staff rushed to distract the bull after Mr Navarrete was thrown into the air and repeatedly gored by the animal's horns.

It was initially thought the bull had only wounded the matador once, but after he was rushed to hospital it emerged he had been pierced four times, twice through his neck and twice through his jaw. He also sustained a fractured collarbone and severe nerve and muscle damage.

No official figures of how many are injured during the fights are recorded (EPA)

Surgeons at the Hospital San Francisco of Assisi, where Mr Navarrete was taken, described his condition as "severe".

Bull fighting has existed in Spain since at least Roman times and is run by the country's Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

No official figures of how many are injured during the fights are recorded, although there have been a number of high-profile gorings in recent months.

In March, Juan Jose Padilla, a one-eyed matador who has been injured by bulls some 40 times, was once again gored by one of the animals.