Cycling safety protesters in Helsinki knocked over by bus during demonstration

The protest, described as a ‘march on wheels’, had been organised in honour of a fellow cyclist who had died last week after being hit by a car

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A cycling safety protest involving more than 850 people on bikes in Helsinki was abruptly stopped on Sunday when a bus apparently drove into the crowd, knocking people over in the process.

The demonstration, dubbed a “march on wheels,” had been organised in honour of a cyclist who had died after being hit by a car in the city on Wednesday.

Finnish broadcaster Yle reports the bus had attempted to drive into the same lane as the cyclists, which caused people to fall to the ground. No one was injured.


According to the Helsinki police, a number of cyclists confronted the driver over his actions, which led to a confrontation and to the driver throwing a demonstrator’s bicycle under a nearby bus, Yle reports.

A cyclist then reportedly pulled the driver’s keys out of his hands, at which point the fight became physical.


The incident led to a considerable disruption to traffic, and police are investigating the driver on the grounds of possible traffic endangerment, mild property damage and assault. The cyclist who took the driver’s keys is also being investigated for possible traffic endangerment.