Czech woman's brush with death after falling under train


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A Czech woman has had a remarkable escape after falling under an oncoming train and crawling out from between carriages unscathed.

The woman, who in video footage of the incident appears to be falling asleep on her feet, fell onto the platform at a Prague tube station as horrified onlookers watched.

She appears to sleepily walk towards the edge of the platform before falling onto the tracks as a witness desperately tries to grab her and pull her back.

The security camera footage then shows the woman being pulled up from between the train carriages and standing up.

‘A video recording shows that the woman waiting for the underground could hardly keep her balance,’ said a police spokesman,

‘She staggered and fell straight onto the tracks. Miraculously the woman stood up, dusted her trousers and walked off.’

Astonishingly the woman was unharmed and refused medical treatment telling police she was merely tired when she fell.