Daredevil rides on bicycle BACKWARDS at 50mph down mountain

The Norwegian daredevil Eskil Ronningsbakken is known for his balancing acts on top of canyons and cliff edges

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If you think it's difficult riding a bicycle down a steep mountain on a rainy day then it's nothing compared to doing it backwards, which is exactly what one man has done.

For his latest stunt, Norwegian daredevil Eskil Ronningsbakken has ridden his bike backwards down the Trollstigen or Trolls' Path, a winding road in Norway which weaves its way along the side of an 850m mountain. The narrow road is known for its hairpin turns and would be daunting for any driver, let alone cyclist to attempt.

The daredevil has uploaded a video of his heart-stopping exploit onto YouTube. In the three-minute video Mr Ronningsbakken veers close to the edge of the road several times, with nothing to stop him from falling over the side. And at one point during his terrifying descent he is passed by a car on the slippery road. 

Mr Ronningsbakken completed the 4.5km stretch in two-and-a-half minutes, reaching top speeds of 50mph. When he reaches the end of his ride he seems relatively calm despite dicing with death.

The extreme artist is famous for performing balancing acts on top of high canyons, cliffs and other vertigo-inducing heights. He has even walked across a tightrope attached to two hot air balloons while they were in mid-flight.

However, riding a bike backwards is perhaps a little more tricky than his previous feats. Mr Ronningsbakken uses yoga and meditation to help him train for each act.