Diplomats captured by mujahedin doing 'very badly'

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Three European diplomats kidnapped in Afghanistan have smuggled out a letter saying they are being held in chains in a cave with only bread and tea to eat and are doing 'very badly', Reuter reports from Islamabad. 'Things are going very badly. We are locked up in a cave in a camp of the mujahedin,' said the letter that reached Quetta, capital of Pakistan's remote western province of Baluchistan, yesterday.

Pakistani officials say an Afghan mujahedin commander, Ghulam Nabi Noorzai, abducted the Pakistan-based diplomats from Britain, Germany and the Netherlands at gunpoint eight days ago a few miles inside Afghanistan. Jack Dodds of Britain, Stefan Elhert and Gert Piening are anti-narcotics officials who were on a duty trip to Baluchistan, officials said.