Dog stays with injured companion on railway tracks for two days

'Not all humans would do this! We should take a lesson from this!'

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A dog saved an injured companion on a frozen railway track in Ukraine and took care of her before help arrived.

Local resident Denis Malafeev reported that the male stray, Panda, remained with his companion Lucy for several days, after the latter became too injured to move.

An accompanying video posted by Mr Malafeev on his Facebook page showed the two dogs on snowy railway tracks outside the town of Uzhgorod, west Ukraine. The post has since been viewed and shared tens of thousands of times.

At one point, Panda is shown to lie next to his injured friend and even pushes her head down to save them both from the wheels of a train passing overhead. Mr Malafeev said Panda frequently barked to keep locals from approaching Lucy.

“It is such a touching story. The male dog was doing this for two days in a row. I don’t know what to call this: instinct, love, friendship, loyalty.

(Denis Malafeev)

“I know one thing: not all humans would do this! We should take a lesson from this! If anyone recognises these animals as their own, let me know.”

Lucy and Panda were eventually rescued by Mr Malafeev and his family, and taken to a local animal housing shelter. It is not clear how the female dog became injured, but she has since received medical treatment.