Entire family in Germany struck by lightning

A nine-year-old boy is in a serious condition in hospital after the storm

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An entire family have survived being struck by lightning following a storm in the German city of Chemnitz.

One woman, Ricarda, told the Bild newspaper she was chopping wood in the garden while her children were playing when it started raining.

She said she was about to collect the garden furniture and head inside when she heard a loud bang and felt "a tingling sensation from head to toe".

"There was chaos,” Ricarda said. “Everybody was just acting on autopilot. A few minutes later the ambulance arrived."

Her nine-year-old nephew collapsed and had to be resuscitated by his father and grandfather. He is currently being treated in intensive care, according to Bild.

Ricarda said her grandmother, two children and sister-in-law were also treated in hospital for minor injuries, while her son Cedrick suffered from headaches the following day.

Meteorologist Helge Tuschy told the newspaper there had been a "weak thunderstorm" and more than 30 lightning strikes were reported in the area after the incident.