Feared Mafia fugitive played agony aunt

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One of the Sicilian Mafia's most feared figures bragged of his ability as a lover, and even advised his underlings on their love lives.

Sandro Lo Piccolo, the son of former Cosa Nostra supremo, Salvatore Lo Piccolo, issued his henchmen plain-talking sex tips, along with everyday orders to rob and extort money, according to documents seized last week by Italian police.

Lo Piccolo Jnr and his father were captured two years ago in a Sicilian village. Sandro Lo Piccolo had been on the run for a decade – and like his father, sentenced to life in prison in his absence.

But 10 pages of notes found by investigators show that despite being one of Italy's most wanted fugitives, Lo Piccolo Jnr still had time to play the role of the clan's agony aunt.

"I'm delighted to reply to your [correspondence] of 20 September," one note reads. "Erotic adventures, as you dare to call them, are a philosophy ... or is it just a philosophy with the tongue and the finger as everyone like you has to resort to? My dear friend, a woman needs something more than that. I'm sorry that you left her unsatisfied," in an apparent suggestion that manual and oral sex were not sufficient to satisfy a woman. He goes on to advise the Mobster colleague that the lover needs instead a "steely" male member, and appears to offer his instead: "I'm here," he adds.