French election: Emmanuel Macron’s wife Brigitte kept him on track during presidential campaign, behind the scenes footage shows

The 64-year-old was filmed telling him not to eat chocolates and that she did 'not give a damn' about the football results 

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Behind the scenes footage of new French president Emmanuel Macron and his entourage on the campaign trail has emerged in a new documentary. 

Les Coulisses d’une Victoire followed the 39-year-old as he rose from being a political outsider to become the country's youngest leader since Napoleon Bonaparte.

Director Yann Henoret said that he wanted to document the extraordinary rise of Mr Macron’s En Marche! political movement, so he followed him during the 200 days of the presidential campaign. 

Hours of footage were then cut down to produce the 90 minute movie which was broadcast by French television networks TF1 and LCI. 

As a result some critics have slammed it as “pro-Macron propaganda” and claimed it is proof that the media was on his side. 

The feature length documentary includes footage of Mr Macron and his wife Brigitte Trogneux discovering the results of the election in his headquarters, surrounded with those who were part of the En Marche! movement from the start.

But it also show's Mr Macron's interests away from politics, capturing him swearing after his favourite football team, Marseille, loses at home to Monaco. 

“Oh s***, for the second time..... F**,” he said. 

Concerned, his wife Brigitte asks him what is wrong, only for him to explain: “Monaco has defeated Marseille, in Marseille.” 

Scolding him she replied: “But we don't give a damn!"

The film also shows the attention she received particularly from the international press, about being 24 years his senior, although it highlights the key role she played in Mr Macron’s campaign, supporting and coaching him along the way to the Elysee Palace.

At one point she is seen listening carefully as he practices his speech to announce his candidacy, while in lighter moments she is seen showing him videos of her grandchildren.

On another occasion she scolds her husband when he asks for something like chocolate to eat as he sits down to debrief after his head to head debate with far-right leader Marine Le Pen. 

After Brigitte tells him she doesn't want him eating unhealthily, the suitably chastened French leader asks for a glass of water instead. 

​Another scene from the film which was shared thousands of times on social media, shows Mr Macron laughing as he watches footage of the moment he was hit with an egg in the head during his visit to the agriculture fair in Paris. 


Another light hearted clip showed Mr Macron arriving at a canteen with his team where he could choose from a range of dishes.

He told the staff he liked the cordon bleu, a traditional French dish of pan fired ham, wrapped in cheese and covered in breadcrumbs. 

When he was told that it was only part of the children's menu, the new president was unable to hide his disappointment.