Greece referendum or Princess Charlotte christening? Here's how the British papers and European papers covered the 'no' vote


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The Greek electorate has voted to reject a deal from on its debt offered by the Troika. The decision could either strengthen the country's hand in negotiations or push it towards eurozone exit.

Yesterday was also the christening of Princess Charlotte - a story which would normally dominate the front pages of many newspapers.

So how did the British press react?

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The Telegraph hedged its bets - with an analysis of the Greece crisis and a large picture of the royal christening - although oddly omitting a picture of Charlotte in favour of one showing Prince George with his parents.


Over at the Daily Mail there's no question about the impact of the result, though the blow is softened with a large picture of a baby.

mail_greece (1).jpg

The Guardian focuses on the fact the Greek electorate has given two fingers up to the country's creditors. No baby in sight.



Here at the Independent the focus is on the fact Europe itself is in crisis.



While our sister paper the i says Europe has 'shuddered' at the result. Both are baby-free zones.


At The Sun they've gone for a fairly tenacious pun on the whole situation, but gave equal treatment to the "royal cryness".


And the Daily Express?


In Germany, leading tabloid Bild went all out with the Greece crisis, yes? Not quite. even they found some room for the Duchess of Cambridge holding her child.



France's Le Figaro says Greece has taken a big step towards leaving the euro. No royal sightings there.


And the award to most overcomplicated reaction to an already complicated situation goes to French newspaper Liberation. Its cover might need some explaining to English readers - it is a pun on "Nom de Zeus!" - an exclamation similar to "Great Scott!" "Non de Zeus" translates literally as "'No' of Zeus". Zeus, is, of course, a Greek god.