Norway flooding: video shows houses swept away following worst storm in 200 years

Storm Synne has been reported to be the worst storm since 1897.

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Houses have been swept away in Norway due to heavy flooding, caused by a huge storm which has battered the country for the past two days.

Parts of Norway have seen more than 170mm of rainfall in 48 hours. It is the worst flooding to hit the Scandinavian country since records began in 1897, according to The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.

The video above shows that downpours have caused extensive damage: roads flooded, trees felled and houses completely immersed underwater. More than 30 mudslides have also been reported in the area.

According to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, officials evacuated 100 homes in the south-western town of Eigersund. There have been no reports of deaths or serious injuries.

This is the second storm to hit southern Scandinavia in a week following last weekend’s extreme weather that damaged buildings and affected transport in Sweden and Denmark.