Hungarian mayor releases bizarre action-filled anti-refugee video

It's not a budget action thriller; it's the brainchild of Mayor Laszlo Toroczkai, who echoes the beliefs of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

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In a week where Hungary has closed its borders making hundreds of refugees stranded, a mayor of a town on the Hungary-Serbia border has released an anti-refugee video.

Not just any attack video but one which appears to be a mash-up between a clichéd car advert and a low budget action film.

Laszlo Toroczkai, mayor of Asotthalom, has a clear message for refugees entering his town - you will be caught and imprisoned.

The video shows dramatic chase scenes involving everything from police cars and motorbikes to officers on horseback and even a helicopter.

There is no visible indication of what they are chasing but let’s just presume it is refugees.

The video ends with Mr Toroczkai offering an ominous warning.

"If you are an illegal immigrant and you want to get to Germany... Hungry is a bad choice. Asotthalom is the worst."


According to the Washington Post, Mr Toroczkai is a leading figure in the 64 Counties Youth Movement, ‘a far-right, ultranationalist political organisation that is close to the influential Jobbik party.’