Iceland police warn drivers to stop looking at Northern Lights to prevent road accidents

Officers pull over two cars driving erratically

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Police in Iceland have warned tourists to stop staring at the Northern Lights while driving. 

Officers pulled over two cars moving erratically last week, initially on suspicion the drivers were under the influence of alcohol

But on both occasions, the visitors said they has been mesmerised by the aurora borealis above them, reports Iceland Magazine

The first incident occurred on the main road towards the country’s only major airport, near the capital Reykjavik. “The driver told the police he saw the Northern Lights and couldn’t bring himself to stop looking at them,” a police statement read.

In the second incident, officers noticed a car veering across the road driving away from the airport. 

In September, Iceland turned off the street lights in Reykjavik to allow people to view the Northern Lights. 

The display even be seen over the skies in Britain and the US