Ingenious postman in Ireland manages to deliver letter addressed to 'that boy with the glasses'

The letter was sent from Northern Ireland to 'Your Man Henderson'

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An ingenious Irish postman has successfully delivered a letter addressed simply to “that boy with the glasses” in a town in County Donegal.

The letter was sent from Northern Ireland across the border to “Your Man Henderson … Who is doing the PhD up there at Queen’s in Belfast”.

Despite only being addressed to Buncrana – a town of 7,000 inhabitants – it ended up reaching its intended recipient, a Barry Henderson, who is studying for a history doctorate.

The envelope, sent by a friend of Mr Henderson, contained a scrap of paper with the note: “If this has arrived you live in a village.”

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Rather, the sender got lucky, as Mr Henderson’s wife, Roisin, happened to be friends with the postman, who delivered it to her place of work, the Irish Times reports.

Mrs Henderson wrote on Facebook: “A guy Barry knows sent him this from Belfast, with that wee note included inside it.

“The postman delivered it to the [Irish] Times office when I was out, asking if it could possibly be for my husband.

"I think it's brilliant. Only in Donegal.”